Who We Are

The Board of Directors is comprised of current and former dedicated public servants. We draw on our wealth of experience in serving poor and disadvantaged children in need.

Machaela M. Mingardi:  Machaela Mingardi grew up in the mid-west. Having won scholarships and taken loans to obtain a higher education, Ms. Mingardi, a J.D. and former New York Times journalist, knows the value of writing and its transformative effect. Ms. Mingardi has worked in public service her entire adult life, dedicating more than a decade of her life to helping women and children escape violent, abusive homes. Ms. Mingardi spent more than six years of her career serving the people of the Bayview/Hunters Point District of San Francisco, California and working with disadvantaged youth in this District. She has coached baseball for more than 200 children in the Bayview. She is the founder and former President.

Frine Eger-Gelston
:  Frine Eger-Gelston came to America from her native Nicaragua at the age of ten when her family sought political asylum here. Fluent in Spanish, Ms. Eger-Gelston brings her experience both as an immigrant and a former advocate for abused women and children to her work with The Alchemy Project. Ms. Eger-Gelston has been practicing law in California for more than ten years.

Rebecca Coll
:  Rebecca Coll: Rebecca Coll brings a wealth of business, legal and writing skills to the Board. She obtained her degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy from the University of Michigan, where she began her advocacy for domestic violence victims. As a lawyer she continued to assist victims of violence in legal disputes, and subsequently became a class action attorney repesenting consumers and workers in actions redressing unfair business practices. She also has a wealth of experience in representing organizations and individuals in business and personal disputes. She is licensed to practice law in California and the District of Columbia. Ms. Coll assists with the legal and business affairs of the Project.